What I Believe ~ The Sabbath

***This is part two of my “What I Believe” series & includes some accusations made against me & my family by members of the church we attended for 7 years.  It is not meant to be gossipy or anything like that. We’ve been accused of being legalistic because we try to follow the biblical commandments … Continue reading


I’m still working on Part Two of my “What I Believe” series, so here’s a short video.  Part Two is about the Sabbath.

Camping on Shabbat

This is something we’ve never done, camping on Shabbat.  I mean, we’ve been camping on weekends but not since we started celebrating Shabbat.  I wonder how that’s gonna work out?  I guess they go together.  Shabbat is about rest, camping is about relaxing. What about the campfire?  As long as it’s started before sundown, it’s … Continue reading

Refrigerator Oatmeal

I’ve been making this for about 3 weeks for Shabbat morning.  I wasn’t sure I’d like cold oatmeal so I put off trying this.  ALL the reviews I read were great, so I finally gave in & tried it.  Even my girls thought “refrigerator oatmeal” sounded kinda gross.  I used this recipe, which I found … Continue reading

Nothing In Particular

I’m STILL fighting off this cold.  Just when I think I’m better, the earache, congestion & general blah feeling return.  I went to the gym on Monday but regretted it after.  I was gonna go today but I got a weird pain in my leg during the night.  It’s better now but still a bit … Continue reading

Day of Preparation, Indeed!

To Do Today: Make challah Make tabouleh & falafel for tomorrow’s dinner Make muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast Start soup for tonight’s dinner