Boredom Jar

This is yet another fab idea I found on Pinterest!  It’s a Summer Boredom Jar, but I plan on using it year round. First, you find a clean jar.  Then you decorate it!  I just put “I am bored” on mine: At the website, there are printable to-do’s including blank ones.  Some are fun, some … Continue reading

Kid Wash

Mr. Fix-It made this water toy that I found on Pinterest.  I watched him make it, it looked really easy!  I’m sure I could have made it myself.  It was up & ready to go in no time & cost about $10 to make. The kids love it!  They couldn’t wait to play after school … Continue reading

Two Reviews In One

First is the Mason jar lid, made straw friendly! I’ve been looking all over for Mason jar mugs. I found small ones at the co-op & some online somewhere.  Then I saw this!  I thought “That’s a quick & easy project for Mr. Fix-It”.  He made them so quickly that I didn’t even know he … Continue reading