Coconut Oil Deodorant

***Updated on May 12, 2013***

The other day, my hair & scalp were really bothering me. I mixed a few drops of tea tree oil in about a two-thirds cup of coconut oil. After rubbing it into my scalp & hair, there was a lot left over. I remembered seeing this recipe on Pinterest for coconut oil deodorant.

The recipe calls for coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, cornstarch & essential oil. I didn’t have the shea butter. I didn’t refrigerate the mixture. I also don’t know how much coconut oil/tea tree mixture was left from the hair & scalp treatment. I’d guess 1/4-1/3 cup. I didn’t measure the other ingredients, just stuck a spoon in & dumped them into the coconut oil & mixed them in. This is how the deodorant would look if I had followed the recipe & instructions:

Misfit Mama Reviews:  DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant


Mine is semi-solid & I scoop it out with my fingers.

I applied it to my underarms. It goes on wet but only takes a minute or so to dry. It didn’t leave any white marks on my clothes like I thought it would. *Note: Let it dry before you get dressed*

It smells like baby powder. More importantly, IT WORKS! It works better than apple cider vinegar, which I reviewed here. We’ve had a very hot Spring this year & the ACV just wasn’t cutting it. I was having to wash, then reapply. I don’t have to reapply this stuff, which means I don’t have to worry about it wearing off/sweating off, when I’m away from home! I will update this review when we’re in the brutal heat of Summer.

Some people think I’m cuckoo for not using regular, store-bought deodorant. There’s a warning on most deodorants that reads “Ask a doctor before using if you have kidney disease”.

*** On Saturday, May 11th, I noticed I had developed a rash on my armpits.  It’s not painful, just red & worse on the left side.  I used extra tea tree oil, so that might be the cause of the rash.  I don’t think it’s the tea tree oil alone.  Prior to using this deodorant, I would put a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton pad & wipe my underarms with it.  I think it’s the combination of tea tree oil with baking soda and/or cornstarch.  When I make another batch, I’ll leave out the TTO.***

Misfit Mama Reviews:  DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant


A doctor told me that when anything has a statement such as this, it means that item can cause that problem. For example, if an OTC pain reliever states not to use if you have liver problems, then that medication can cause liver problems.

Kidney problems seem to run on my Dad’s side of the family. I’ve already had severe kidney issues due to the complications of my son’s birth. I don’t want to further stress my kidneys.

Everything we wash off our bodies (and anything else) goes into our water supply, so why use this junk when I can make a natural version?


I’d like to blame my lack of posts on being busy.  The truth is I’ve been scatter-brained & a poor manager of my time. Also, not having my own home at the moment, it’s difficult to do what I need to do.

We didn’t plan to be here this long.  The economy is terrible & we’re not making as much money as we used to.  We’re making less than half of what we used to make.  MUCH less than half.  It’s been nearly impossible to save any money.  The Bookworm hasn’t been able to find a job.

Some good news…my Mom is visiting in May!  Troy should be hearing from a long-term job prospect soon.  

I started another blog for my spiritual posts.  I’ll link to it as soon as I have a post there.

That’s all for now, folks.

BzzReport: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

I’m a BzzAgent & got this for FREE (in exchange for my opinion)!

I normally use coconut oil for my face, hair & body.  While it moisturizes my face & tames my hair, it doesn’t moisturize the rest of my skin very well, so I was happy to try a new oil.  Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil spray contains olive, shea & avocado oils.

This dry oil smells SO GREAT!  It sprays on wet but dries quickly & leaves my skin really soft & smooth.  I use it on my hair & it  leaves my hair soft, smooth & smelling great!  The Bookworm has been using it on the dry, red, flaky patches she gets on her face (not sure what this is, some say it might be seborrhea) & it works really well to reduce the redness as well as the flakiness.  Troy gets dry spots on his face & around his hairline & he uses this oil for that every day.

I have oily skin, so people always freak out when I tell them that I use coconut oil on my face.  It seems counterintuitive to put oil on an oily face.  In my experience, putting oil on my face makes it less oily.  It’s no different with this Miracle Oil.  My skin drinks it in & it looks & feels fab.

It moisturizes the rest of my skin really well, too.  I have super dry skin, thanks to my health problems, plus I started using this in Winter.  Suuuuuper dry skin.  When I use this oil, my skin isn’t nearly as dry as when I use coconut oil.  I’d actually say it was moisturized.  AND IT SMELLS SOOOO GOOOOD!!!

I was going to post a picture of my hair but on a whim, I cut it all off two days ago.  All of it.  It’s about an inch long now.  Maybe The Baker will let me take a photo of her hair.  If so, I’ll add it later.  Maybe I’ll get a before & after pic of the Bookworm’s flaky patches, too.

To sum it up, this oil is fab & I would recommend it to anyone!

Did I mention how WONDERFUL this stuff smells??


Pure Cocoa Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing like high quality hot chocolate.


Pure Cocoa Hot Chocolate

Sweet, bitter or white, hot chocolate is the ultimate hug in a mug. It is warm, luxurious and, most importantly, contains a rather popular stimulant about which you may or may not have heard. Personally, a rich and bitter hot chocolate appeals to my inner desires, so for this recipe pure (100%) cocoa paste seemed in order. Though the recipe includes both milk and sugar – two of three fundamental parts of milk chocolate – pure cocoa helps lift this rendition above the attempts of most cafés. Indeed, insipidity reigns supreme in the world of hot chocolate – time to turn things around.

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BzzReport: Quaker Campaign

Misfit Mama Reviews:  Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies & Big Chewy Bars

***I’m a BzzAgent & got these items for FREE in exchange for my opinion***

This campaign contained Quaker Oats’ instant oatmeal (maple flavored), Big Chewy bars, and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies.

Misfit Mama Reviews:  Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies & Big Chewy Bars

I don’t care for instant oatmeal – any brand, any flavor.  This one tasted good but I do not like the texture of  instant oatmeal, the oat flakes are too small & turn out mushy no matter how short the cooking time.  My husband thought it was okay but he’s not an oatmeal eater.  However, my mother-in-law liked it very much!  She especially liked that she could add her own sweetener (she’s diabetic).

Misfit Mama Reviews:  Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies & Big Chewy Bars

I very rarely buy cookies.  My family absolutely LOVED these ones!  Our samples were gone in no time.  We used the coupons to buy 2 more boxes.  Seriously, I *rarely* buy cookies & when I do, they last a while because we’re not used to having them in the house.  They’re not so soft that they crumble in the wrapper.  They have a nice crispness & they’re not overly sweet.  My daughters think they’re the best cookies ever.  These cookies come in the perfect size packets for my handbag.  I’m hypoglycemic, so I need to carry small, sweet snacks with me at all times.  These are perfect!

Misfit Mama Reviews:  Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies & Big Chewy Bars

Another thing I don’t buy often – bars.  Like the cookies, these are YUMMY!!  I like them more than the cookies.  They’re not hard & dry like other brands.  These are nice & soft & chewy.  The texture is perfect, the sweetness is perfect.  I keep these in my handbag, too, just in case my blood sugar gets too low.  We didn’t have a coupon for these (we have coupons for the yogurt bars), but we bought more of these anyway – in chocolate chip & in peanut butter.  YUM!!  They are addictive but I have to resist for health reasons!  If I didn’t have hypoglycemia, I’d be eating these all the time.  Like, all day long.  They’re THAT good.

I talk about healthy eating quite a bit on FB & Pinterest.  I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t mention my concerns about these products that I’m feeding myself & my family.  I KNOW Quaker isn’t claiming these products are health foods but still, I have concerns.

My main concern with major brands is GMOs.  Here is an excerpt from a statement from “Ken, Quaker Consumer Relations”:

Quaker’s oats and oatmeal are not developed through biotechnology. In fact, there are no oats developed through biotechnology currently available on the market. While Quaker does not require or exclude the use of these foods, the use of corn, canola and soya developed through food biotechnology is widespread. Currently, there is no system in place in the United States that separates these foods. So, there is a high probability that some of Quaker’s products contain foods developed through biotechnology.

So, while the oats aren’t GM, the sugars & oils, etc, very likely are.  Here’s an article about detoxing from GMOs.  Don’t know what GMOs are?  Click here.



Me out in nature.  Well, sort of.  There’s a small woodsy area & creek at the end of our street.  My nephews love it here, they think it’s the best place on the planet.


The older one fell into the creek on his second visit.


Fun times 🙂  They forgot all about video games for a few hours 🙂


Eating clovers whilst looking for 4-leafed ones is a lot more fun than video games!