Getting Back To Reviews

While I work on my “What I Believe” series, I am still going to try to do reviews (that’s why I started this blog, after all).  I have a few things that need reviewing right now, but I want to have Part 3 done & posted by tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll see about that.  I was … Continue reading

What I Believe ~ The Sabbath

***This is part two of my “What I Believe” series & includes some accusations made against me & my family by members of the church we attended for 7 years.  It is not meant to be gossipy or anything like that. We’ve been accused of being legalistic because we try to follow the biblical commandments … Continue reading


I’m still working on Part Two of my “What I Believe” series, so here’s a short video.  Part Two is about the Sabbath.

What I Believe ~ Part One

***This is going to be a series about my spiritual/religious beliefs. Part one is what I believe & some assumptions christians have made about me & my family & our faith.  Future posts will go into the details of our beliefs & will include scripture. There has been lots of drama recently with me & … Continue reading

Listen to or read the portion here Summed up for the little one’s here The video of the portion here History and Science As part of their punishment the Israelites were forced to make brick with straw they gathered themselves.    What did they use this straw for?  Research how they made bricks. An article on…