I’m married, have 2 daughters on Earth & a son waiting for me in the afterlife.

I’m a Messianic believer in Yeshua (you may know him as Jesus).  For over a year, I’ve been learning about Torah, what it means to be an Israelite (not Jewish, not Israeli, but part of spiritual Israel), celebrating the biblical feast days, etc.  In this time, I’ve left the church I loved & attended for 7 years.  I’ve become rather uncomfortable with christianity.  It is not at all what I thought it was.  It is completely, radically different from what G-d has shown me.

I’m into doing things as naturally as I can (I dye my hair with regular dye, not henna) in as many areas as I can reasonably do (I tend to be lazy, ie, I’d rather use a washing machine than a tub & washboard), I believe our bodies are designed to heal themselves & can do so with the right nutrients, exercise & health care.

I’m a great cook even though I don’t particularly enjoy cooking.

Politically, I am closer to a Libertarian than anything else.

I’ve been called a hippie & a goth.  A rocker & a mod.  An adventurous person & a boring housewife.  A religious person & an apostate.

I use “code names” to protect the innocent :). But that could change.

*Updated – 11 February 2013*

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Gonna send my wife over to your blog. We are on the same page in terms of keeping it natural and learning our heritage. I think she’ll enjoy your blog!


  2. Great, thank you! Looks like I need to update this info. I’ve learned so much in a year! YHVH is so good to me. I’m working on a multi-entry blog about some accusations my family has received from former church-mates (we’re in a cult, gave up our salvation, etc). Part one should be up by Wednesday.

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