It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve logged in here!  After all this time, I have a review for you.

A few years ago, I thought I’d let my hair “go natural”.  I have loads of grey, it runs in the family.  I started getting greys when I was 12 years old.  I started coloring my hair at 14.  The chemicals always concerned me but not so much that I would stop coloring my hair.  After the loss of my son, grief & illness really took a toll on me.  I’ve aged 10 years in only two.  The mass amounts of grey hair weren’t helping.  I’ve got my health mostly under control, so I thought coloring my hair would take me the rest of the way.  I had read great things about eSalon, so I gave them a try!

They have a fun site, where you put in your info – current hair color, your skin color & ethnicity, then you choose the hair color you want & get to see it on a model with similar coloring/ethnicity.  I went for a burgundy/aubergine color.  Once that is all done, the color is formulated just for you & is shipped.  You get to choose how often you want a hair color delivery!  And it’s super easy to make changes to the formula.  I had to do that twice.

The first time, the color was too brown for my liking.  I’m the type of person who thinks “If you’re going to expose yourself to harsh chemicals, why go for a natural hair color? You might as well get something fun”.  eSalon had emailed me to see how I liked the color & service.  I told them the service was fab but the color wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  I asked for them to please make it darker & more purple.  And they did!

The second time (ilke the first), the grey around my hairline didn’t take in the color.  When I got my next color shipment, the color was more of what I wanted but not quite dark enough but it was darker than before.  I decided to focus on the greys.  I emailed eSalon & asked if my color can be reformulated for resistant greys.  They said yes!  They also altered my instructions.  You get a personalized set of instructions with every delivery! Your name is on the bottle along with your formulation number!

The third time, the greys took on more of the dye but not enough!  The color looks darker, even though I didn’t ask for the formula to be made darker this time.  And it is perfectly beautiful!  THIS is the color I wanted originally!  It might have to do with the fact that I switched to a color safe shampoo between the 2nd & 3rd times, though I always use the color safe shampoo & conditioner that comes in the coloring kit.

Oh!  What comes in the kit?  Your personalized hair color, a bottle of developer & instructions, an application brush (1st kit only), a tube of stain guard, a stain removing wet towelette type of thing which works amazingly well!  I need more than one, though, maybe I’ll ask if they can send 2 or 3 in my next shipment.  You get 2 pairs of gloves and the tubes of shampoo & conditioner that I just mentioned.  It totals $25, which includes shipping!

This Isn’t My Photo. Sorry, I Don’t Know Who To Credit.

My hair looks great, feels great, and I feel much better about my personal appearance.  Thank you, eSalon!

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