Coconut Oil Deodorant

***Updated on May 12, 2013***

The other day, my hair & scalp were really bothering me. I mixed a few drops of tea tree oil in about a two-thirds cup of coconut oil. After rubbing it into my scalp & hair, there was a lot left over. I remembered seeing this recipe on Pinterest for coconut oil deodorant.

The recipe calls for coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, cornstarch & essential oil. I didn’t have the shea butter. I didn’t refrigerate the mixture. I also don’t know how much coconut oil/tea tree mixture was left from the hair & scalp treatment. I’d guess 1/4-1/3 cup. I didn’t measure the other ingredients, just stuck a spoon in & dumped them into the coconut oil & mixed them in. This is how the deodorant would look if I had followed the recipe & instructions:

Misfit Mama Reviews:  DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant


Mine is semi-solid & I scoop it out with my fingers.

I applied it to my underarms. It goes on wet but only takes a minute or so to dry. It didn’t leave any white marks on my clothes like I thought it would. *Note: Let it dry before you get dressed*

It smells like baby powder. More importantly, IT WORKS! It works better than apple cider vinegar, which I reviewed here. We’ve had a very hot Spring this year & the ACV just wasn’t cutting it. I was having to wash, then reapply. I don’t have to reapply this stuff, which means I don’t have to worry about it wearing off/sweating off, when I’m away from home! I will update this review when we’re in the brutal heat of Summer.

Some people think I’m cuckoo for not using regular, store-bought deodorant. There’s a warning on most deodorants that reads “Ask a doctor before using if you have kidney disease”.

*** On Saturday, May 11th, I noticed I had developed a rash on my armpits.  It’s not painful, just red & worse on the left side.  I used extra tea tree oil, so that might be the cause of the rash.  I don’t think it’s the tea tree oil alone.  Prior to using this deodorant, I would put a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton pad & wipe my underarms with it.  I think it’s the combination of tea tree oil with baking soda and/or cornstarch.  When I make another batch, I’ll leave out the TTO.***

Misfit Mama Reviews:  DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant


A doctor told me that when anything has a statement such as this, it means that item can cause that problem. For example, if an OTC pain reliever states not to use if you have liver problems, then that medication can cause liver problems.

Kidney problems seem to run on my Dad’s side of the family. I’ve already had severe kidney issues due to the complications of my son’s birth. I don’t want to further stress my kidneys.

Everything we wash off our bodies (and anything else) goes into our water supply, so why use this junk when I can make a natural version?

4 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Deodorant

  1. I made my own deodorant with a recipe very similar to yours about a year ago. Used it successfully for about 7 months before developing a little rash that bothered me… Never really tried to isolate what caused it… just saying that a) the coconut oil based WILL work for men. b) There is another option that i found, also totally natural that my mom pointed me to… Worth reviewing. One $6 stick will last a year or so. Unless I get really nasty, will last 24 hours. My habit is a shower morning and night with application each time, but if I skip the a.m. shower, it will hold fairly well through the next day.

    Either way, I totally agree… Lots of deo has aluminum in it which is a known contributor to Alzheimer’s… Other stuff… Chemicals = bad. natural, generally = good…

    • I wondered if this recipe would work for men.

      I tried a deodorant crystal a few years ago (more like 2 decades ago!) & it didn’t work for me. I will try the one you wrote about, as I’ve developed a rash from this deodorant! I think it might be the extra tea tree oil I added a couple of days ago. It’s powerful stuff!

      • I LIKED the coconut oil recipe as it is easy to make/use… I just had the rash after several months of use.

        I’ve been using the salt stone for three or four months now with no complaints. Will be interesting to see how it does through the hot summer months in the Carolinas… Remind me to evaluate later.

      • I like the coconut recipe. I’m going to leave out the tea tree oil next time.

        I’m in California, so I know about hot summers…blah! At least in my part of the state, it’s not humid (usually).

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