BzzReport: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

I’m a BzzAgent & got this for FREE (in exchange for my opinion)!

I normally use coconut oil for my face, hair & body.  While it moisturizes my face & tames my hair, it doesn’t moisturize the rest of my skin very well, so I was happy to try a new oil.  Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil spray contains olive, shea & avocado oils.

This dry oil smells SO GREAT!  It sprays on wet but dries quickly & leaves my skin really soft & smooth.  I use it on my hair & it  leaves my hair soft, smooth & smelling great!  The Bookworm has been using it on the dry, red, flaky patches she gets on her face (not sure what this is, some say it might be seborrhea) & it works really well to reduce the redness as well as the flakiness.  Troy gets dry spots on his face & around his hairline & he uses this oil for that every day.

I have oily skin, so people always freak out when I tell them that I use coconut oil on my face.  It seems counterintuitive to put oil on an oily face.  In my experience, putting oil on my face makes it less oily.  It’s no different with this Miracle Oil.  My skin drinks it in & it looks & feels fab.

It moisturizes the rest of my skin really well, too.  I have super dry skin, thanks to my health problems, plus I started using this in Winter.  Suuuuuper dry skin.  When I use this oil, my skin isn’t nearly as dry as when I use coconut oil.  I’d actually say it was moisturized.  AND IT SMELLS SOOOO GOOOOD!!!

I was going to post a picture of my hair but on a whim, I cut it all off two days ago.  All of it.  It’s about an inch long now.  Maybe The Baker will let me take a photo of her hair.  If so, I’ll add it later.  Maybe I’ll get a before & after pic of the Bookworm’s flaky patches, too.

To sum it up, this oil is fab & I would recommend it to anyone!

Did I mention how WONDERFUL this stuff smells??


7 thoughts on “BzzReport: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

    • Hello! I’ve been busy/scatterbrained/distracted lately! Something about holidays makes me that way. I’ll be back soon!

      Praise report: Talked to a great couple last night & I think we have the beginnings of a home fellowship!

      • That is AWESOME!!! Fellowship is sooo important. Feeling isolated can be a big challenge, but one of the trials we’ll be rewarded for withstanding!!

        Our fellowship is small, but lately, Abba has been bringing new people on a near weekly basis!! Something MAJOR is happening and we get to be a part of the leading edge!!

        Half of our fellowship was at a conference and I just knew we’d be sitting at about 12 people, my family included… Then, just as we were getting ready to start my 10 y.o runs in the building and yells, “Daddy, we have ‘new customers!'”

        A couple minutes later two families who have been on the walk a awhile and lived very close, walked in… ended up with about 20 for worship and teaching!!

        Abba is good! One of these weeks everyone who has been drifting in and out will all show up and we’ll have 50-60 in the room!! WOW!!

        Praise YAH as HE opens eyes to the fulness of His Word and Messiah.

      • Wow, that’s awesome!!

        A mainstream Christian pastor & his wife sat at our table at the community seder on Saturday night. Everyone else at the table was talking about how wonderful it is to follow Torah, how we’re closer to Yeshua, the persecution we’ve faced, etc. He & his wife just sat there quietly. I prayed & continue to pray that Abba opens their eyes & that they remember our conversation.

        Praise Yah indeed!!

      • If you have contact info, forward the RT:Antisemitism article I did… I will say, I have met multiple mainstream pastors in the last two months that are awake and learning. One is a 35 year pastor who is fully Torah observant and loving it!! Abba working BIG things right now!

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