Getting Back To Reviews

While I work on my “What I Believe” series, I am still going to try to do reviews (that’s why I started this blog, after all).  I have a few things that need reviewing right now, but I want to have Part 3 done & posted by tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll see about that.  I was going to write about the dietary laws but I’m feeling led in a different direction.  After yesterday’s accidental deletion of Part 2, I’m feeling a bit discouraged!  Maybe a few reviews will get me back on the writing track.

I wonder if I should have a separate blog for spiritual things?  I don’t know.  Part of me thinks I should, the other part thinks that my readers can get to know me if I keep everything here.  Do they want to get to know me in that way?  Hmmm…

I haven’t done a recipe review in a long time.  I’ve tried a few new recipes recently, including Martha Stewart’s hamantaschen recipe, so I’ll do one of those today.  With Pesach coming up, there are lots of flourless cake recipes I want to try & some matzoh desserts, too!


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