BzzReport: Glade Expressions Air Freshener & Oil Diffuser

I’m a BzzAgent & got these items for FREE, in exchange for my opinion.

I wasn’t too sure about this campaign. I don’t buy these sorts of things. I use essential oils, incense & naturally derived sprays to fragrance my home. But for some reason, I wanted to try these!

Wow! I’m so glad I did! I was able to do a couple of test sprays at the supermarket. For the air freshener, I chose Pineapple-Mangosteen.

Misfit Mama Reviews:  Glade Expressions Air Freshener - Pineapple Mangosteen

For the oil diffuser, I chose Fuji Apple-Cardamom.

Misfit Mama Reviews:  Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser - Fuji Apple Cardamom

The scents are amazing! The spray smells fruity, fresh & fun. The oil smells just like Autumn – spicy, warm & cozy.

I wasn’t sure how well the diffuser would scent the room. I’ve used other brands of diffusers in the past & they didn’t scent the room very well at all. But Glade Expressions scents the room wonderfully! My husband said when I walked out of the room, the scent followed me. A plus in my book!

The cashier at the supermarket exclaimed “What great coupons! How’d you get them?” So I explained BzzAgent to her. I signed up a relative, too!

Feedback so far: The scents smell soooooo goooood!! And the coupons are awesome! They’re about half off the regular price.

I will buy these products in the future!


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