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Getting Back To Reviews

While I work on my “What I Believe” series, I am still going to try to do reviews (that’s why I started this blog, after all).  I have a few things that need reviewing right now, but I want to have Part 3 done & posted by tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll see about that.  I was … Continue reading

What I Believe ~ The Sabbath

***This is part two of my “What I Believe” series & includes some accusations made against me & my family by members of the church we attended for 7 years.  It is not meant to be gossipy or anything like that. We’ve been accused of being legalistic because we try to follow the biblical commandments … Continue reading


I’m still working on Part Two of my “What I Believe” series, so here’s a short video.  Part Two is about the Sabbath.

What I Believe ~ Part One

***This is going to be a series about my spiritual/religious beliefs. Part one is what I believe & some assumptions christians have made about me & my family & our faith.  Future posts will go into the details of our beliefs & will include scripture. There has been lots of drama recently with me & … Continue reading