Hema-Plex Blood Builder

As I wrote in a previous entry, I am severely anemic. I don’t know what’s going on with our mail, we haven’t received any at all for about a week. Our paychecks come in the mail, so money is really tight right now. All that to say: I ran out of Floradix Iron + Herbs & really didn’t want to spend $26 for 14 doses.

At the co-op, I saw a product called “Hema-Plex”. It was $11.50 for 30 doses. I read the info on the package. Sounded good & it saved me some much needed cash. It’s a higher dosage than my doctor recommended but the reviews on it are really great. And I’m SEVERELY anemic, so it shouldn’t hurt. Some of the reviewers complained of stomach aches but most didn’t have that problem.

I took my first dose on Sunday morning, 30 December. Since it contains high doses of other minerals, I decided to take it with a small amount of food (half a banana). I didn’t get a stomach ache! I got a headache, though. I don’t know if it’s because of the Hema-Plex or if it’s a coincidence.

It is now 14:50. I’ve had a mild headache all day. I’ve also felt a bit dizzier than usual. I don’t see how the dizziness could be related to the Hema-Plex. I did stay up too late 2 nights ago & missing sleep always messes me up.

Day 2: No headache! Went to bed late again but I’m not nearly as tired as I was yesterday. No stomach ache. Nothing new to note.

Day 3: I had a slight bit more energy today which was more noticeable in the evening. No other obvious changes. Vacuuming the lounge & dining room left me out of breath.

Day 4: I woke up feeling strange. (I had taken the Hema-Plex around 6:15 & went back to sleep. I woke up at 8:00). I felt like nothing was wrong with me! It’s a strange feeling, I have been unwell for so long. I’m excited about this!

Evening 4: I cleaned the bathroom & didn’t have to rest. I noticed an energy surge about 6pm. It’s 21:40 & I’m usually wiped out by now, struggling to keep my eyes open. I’m just starting to feel sleepy.

The box states “gluten free” but the tablets contains barley grass. Many reviewers complained of gluten reactions after taking Hema-Plex, so be aware if you are sensitive to gluten.

Day 5: I woke up feeling AWAKE this morning! I didn’t even drink my coffee. I’ll probably have a coffee later just because I love coffee so much. I feel motivated to get things done today, which is something I haven’t felt in a very long time & was quite depressing. I think I might have the energy to get most of it done today!

Evening 5: I got quite a few things done today! And I did indeed have the energy for it all 🙂

Day 6: The day is young, but I feel energetic enough to do everything that needs to be done today. It will be much more work than yesterday, so here’s hoping. I took the tablet on an empty stomach & had no issues. I did most of what needed to be done & I wasn’t tired.

Day 7: Took tablet on an empty stomach again & my stomach was upset ALL day. I had only 2 palpitations & hadn’t taken CoroCalm (which I reviewed here). The Baker was ill all day, so we stayed home & didn’t do much of anything. I mentioned the palpitations because I read that severe anemia can cause them & building up iron can cure them. Here’s hoping!

2 thoughts on “Hema-Plex Blood Builder

  1. I enjoyed your blog. I am anemic right now waiting for fibroid surgery Friday. I have shortness of breath with my low iron and feel jittery. Finger stick was 11 a few days ago but bleeding heavily since. I took 2 hemaplex today. From what I read you appeared to feel noticably better the next day which leaves me hopefull

    • I hope Hema-Plex helps you! Since this entry, I’ve found that I like Iron Extra from Vitanica better than Hema-Plex, I just haven’t gotten around to reviewing it. You can buy it from Amazon. Do you know your blood sugar levels? I was jittery before I got my blood sugar under control. Best wishes with your surgery. Do let me know how your anemia improves.

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