BzzReport: Gold Toe Socks

I’m a BzzAgent, which means I get to try products for free, then share my experiences with people I know, face-to-face, over the phone & online.

This post is about Gold Toe socks & undershirts.  I thought I was gonna get the cool, funky socks on the website.  I got nice ones, but they’re men’s socks.  Black with argyle, black with stripes, etc.

I got one beige pair that isn’t very attractive.

As for the undershirts, well…they’re undershirts.  Plain, white V-necks.  My husband got to try those out.  They’re soft, comfortable, the fit was pretty good (my hubby has some weight to lose, so the shirts weren’t comfortable at first).  The longer he wore them, the more comfortable they became.  He said he’d buy them in the future.

The socks…I wore those because I LOVE SOCKS!  I was sooo excited about this campaign!!  They are SUPER soft.  Very comfortable, have reinforced heels (which I love) and reinforced, “comfort toe seams”.  They’re VERY nice.  I will definitely buy Gold Toe socks in the future.  I had bought them in the past but I usually buy socks according to how cute they are.  I can’t recall any brand of socks that are comfortable (they’re just socks, right?)  These are seriously the MOST comfortable socks I have ever worn.  EVER!

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