Busy & Exhausted

I haven’t had time to try anything new!  With Thanksgiving, the Baker’s birthday, Hanukkah & MOVING, I’ve been too exhausted. 

I had blood drawn for a 50-point blood test.  I was expecting anemia & hypothyroidism.  Well! What I got was severe anemia (my ferritin was 5, should be about 40!), hypoglycemia, zinc deficiency & metabolic disorder.  So, the doc put me on Adaptogen, zinc, Coro-Calm (for palpitations) & molybdenum.  I was taking probiotics, vitamins a, e & k with d3, and something else I can’t remember at the moment.  I was already taking Floradix Iron + Herbs.  I’ve had to increase the dosage to 50 mL from 20mL.

Coro-Calm works superbly.  After 2 days of taking it, I noticed a great reduction in the frequency, strength & duration of palpitations.  I would recommend this to anyone with palpitations like mine ~ tachycardia, fluttering & skipped beats.

I go back in a month for re-evaluation & probably another blood test.  

Since my first visit & starting the prescribed supplements, I haven’t had the tingly/prickly/numb feelings in my arms & hands.  I have a little more energy.  Digestion is improved & nerve pain isn’t so painful.

We should be settled in by next weekend (we’re going on a little holiday, wooo!), then I’ll get back to trying new recipes.

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