My First Pinstrosity

This time, I combined two ideas I found on Pinterest. One was freezing orange slices in water in a muffin pan, to make your punch bowl look nice. The other was boiling water before freezing it to get clear cubes (instead of cloudy).

I decided to try these out so the passionfruit iced tea I made for my daughter’s birthday party would look pretty.

Mine did not turn out pretty. They looked like lumpy, cloudy, orange-ish tractor tires. While this wasn’t a disaster, I was thoroughly disappointed. Since I needed them for the party, I didn’t have time to make new ones. One of our guests looked at the slices with a strange expression on her face & asked “Are…those…lemon…slices?” Later, she said they looked cool.

They might have turned out nicer if I had used a regular muffin tin. I don’t have one big enough to accommodate orange slices, so I used the mini cake pan with a dip in each one for berries, etc .

Boiling water before freezing it didn’t make clear cubes for me. I’ll try this again in the near future.

Sorry for the huge pix, I can’t edit them through the app!

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