Skin Brightener

I’m always suspicious of any skin treatment that promises to deliver amazing results in one use. Having not-so-great skin does that to a person. I also have very sensitive skin. When I get my face threaded, my skin turns beetroot red & sometimes bleeds. I wish I didn’t have to get that done, but the things I inherited from my Dad include facial hair! Lucky me. The optimist in me decided to try this & hope for the best.

I found this on Pinterest. I used a Chinese soup spoon to measure & have a lot left over.

(I don’t know who created this image, if anyone knows, let me know so I can give credit)

My skin was a little red after using this, so I will dilute with water next time. Make sure you rinse REALLY well! I thought I did. I applied apple cider vinegar toner (3 parts water, 1 part ACV). When I put coconut oil on is when I realised I hadn’t rinsed well enough.

My skin didn’t look immediately brighter, other pinners did notice an immediate difference. My skin is quite dull, so it may take a few applications for me to see a difference. It doesn’t say how often to do this. It’s been at least 30 minutes since I used this & my face feels sensitive, like it’s been scratched. If you have sensitive skin like I have, then I’d suggest using this no more than twice a week. Applying the ACV toner caused a little stinging, especially on my forehead where I have the biggest patch of discoloration.

I’ll continue using this for a while & will keep you updated on how/if it’s working. I should take before & after pix…

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