To Pull Or Not To Pull

I’ve been oil pulling for a while now. My digestion is slightly improved. My gums are quite pink, but have been VERY sensitive lately. My skin condition has not cleared up at all, and I’m still having the usual issues that I’ve written about before.

I don’t know if I should continue or not. At best, it’s not harming me unless the sensitive gums are being caused by this. At worst, I’m spending money on high quality coconut oil, and work is really slow right now (we only have 4 jobs this week, as opposed to the usual 25).

One article I read stated that it could take months to see improvement in chronic conditions, and depends on the seriousness of the conditions, and I have several.

I’m taking Emergen-C for my gums. I can’t imagine why they’re suddenly so sensitive.

As for my skin problem, I’m taking herbs that support digestion (I believe this issue has to do with my liver and/or small intestine) & applying apple cider vinegar & coconut oil to the affected areas. Those don’t seem to be making a difference, either. I was about to schedule an appointment with the naturopath when work dried up. I had even filled out the health history & questionnaire.

I suppose it won’t hurt to continue. It’s frustrating not seeing results other than pinker gums & a slight improvement in digestion. My teeth are a bit whiter, too. So not a total waste of time & coconut oil.

One thought on “To Pull Or Not To Pull

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