India Cookbook

We borrowed this book from the library a few months ago.  We had couldn’t renew it because there was a long list of people waiting for it.

India Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant

We can’t afford to eat at our favorite Indian restaurant every day.  Oh, how I wish we could!!

There are over 700 pages of recipes!!  700!!

My husband made many of the delicious recipes in this book.  I was very sad when we had to return it.  So I bought it!  It was delivered this morning (a day early!!) & it came in a cute little bag that looks just like the book.  For some reason, the pic won’t come through.  Stupid PC.  I hope to have a new computer very soon!!

Indian food is soooo yummy.  And good for you!  Lots of herbs & spices that are good for digestion (fennel seed, ginger) are anti-parasitic (cinnamon, cloves) & anti-cancer (turmeric).

We’ll have Indian for dinner tonight, methinks.  I’ve got a masala chai recipe to post for next time.

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