Two Unpleasant Things

I couldn’t finish the apple cider vinegar drink from my previous entry. I tried.  I added extra apple juice.  I took small sips.  It was too nasty.  I hate waste but I just could not handle it.

There’s another recipe that supposedly tastes like lemonade. I’m very suspicious, though. I don’t think my idea of “delicious” is that far removed from what most people think is delicious when it comes to beverages.  I really don’t understand how the acv elixir could be describes as “sweet and delicious”!!  I’ve tasted things that others thought were delicious & I thought were “just okay”, or even “not terrible”.  But this…ugh…TERRIBLE!!

I bought some glitter cardstock for Rosh HaShanah crafts.  It has such a strong odor.  I opened it in my bedroom & within a couple of minutes, I was overwhelmed & my whole room stunk.  I had to leave right then (why I opened the package at that time, I don’t know), so I put it in my big closest & closed the doors.

Misfit Mama Reviews: Glitter Card Stock

When I got home 2-3 hours later, the smell in my room was even stronger.  I took the cardstock out of the closet & put it in the hallway.  I had to open the bedroom & bathroom window, turn on the fan & stay out of that room!  I’ve had books that have had a strong & unpleasant odor.  But never this strong or unpleasant.  It’s kind of like paint.

I spent most of the weekend out & about and had forgotten about the stinky paper.  Until this morning, when I got a whiff of it in the hallway.  I opened up the book & the odor hit me like a wave!  I put it on the dining table to air out.  Opened all the windows, turned on the fan.  I’m still coughing!  Is this stuff toxic or what??

It’s sitting a couple of yards away from me & I’ve got a headache from it 😦  I was so excited about making those cute little pomegranate boxes.

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