The Burgers!

I finally made these sweet potato burgers.


They were super YUMMY!!  Even the Complainiacs ate them without complaining!  And they complain about 99% of what they eat, no matter who makes it, what’s in it, they’ll find something to complain about.  Li’l C ate very slowly & reluctantly.  Everyone who knew what the burgers were made of was forbidden to tell The Complainiacs.  Big C ate his burger with no problem.  The Baker, who knew what they were made of, liked them (she had seconds!) & she doesn’t like yams or sweet potatoes unless they’re tempura’d.  Li’l C didn’t want to eat because he didn’t know what the burgers were made of.  He thought he could get out of eating his (even before taking a bite) by saying it was “meat night”.  His expression showed that he was trying to discern any flavours he didn’t like so he could complain.  But he couldn’t!  I could see that he WANTED to complain but couldn’t find a reason.  When he finished his burger, I told him what the secret ingredient was.  He didn’t have seconds.

He is the only one!  I will definitely be making these again.  I doubled the amount of flour & mixed some panko in with the yam/bean mixture to make it easier to form into patties.  I used pink kosher salt, black pepper & 21 Seasoning Salute (from Trader Joe’s) instead of the lemon pepper seasoning.

I highly recommend this recipe!

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