Our Camping Adventure

Our plan was to camp Friday-Monday.  I wanted to come home by Saturday.  I was really sad.  Before we lost our Baby, we had made plans to take him camping.  Rose would stay in the cabin with me & the Baby, everyone else would stay in tents.  We never got that chance 😦  I cried a lot & just wanted to come home.

Also, I had a bear nightmare a few days before we left.  I started having bear nightmares when I was 16.  I had them frequently.  I have them every once in a while but they’re still terrifying.  My sister had a bear nightmare, too, a day or two after I had mine.  So I was kinda scared to go camping.

We left Friday morning.  It was so lovely when we got there but I noticed the air wasn’t as pine-y as I remember.  We set up camp in our favorite spot:

Camping at Lake Tahoe

We love this spot because it’s right by the creek, a short walk away from the restrooms, showers & dishwashing sink.  It’s quiet & the people are friendly & respectful of the campground rules (especially quiet time!). The same cannot be said of the other campgrounds we’ve been to in Lake Tahoe.

I started the campfire a bit too early.  Like an hour & a half too early.  I thought it was later.  Good thing we were tired & in the tent by 9pm.

We had an afternoon thunderstorm on Saturday, which was nice!  We were all napping in the tent.  As it started to rain harder, it sounded like we were in a popcorn popper.  But a thousand times louder.  It didn’t last long, but I asked Mr. Fix-It if he would be able to sleep through this if it was night.  He said yes.  I asked “How?  It woke us all up, including the dogs!”  He changed his yes to a no, instead of telling me how he would sleep through it.  We had some light rain for the rest of the evening, I thought we’d be okay.  We didn’t have Havdalah because of the rain.  The rain lightened up but everything was wet.  I wondered if we should have gone home.

Wouldn’t you know it, we had a huge thunderstorm in the middle of the night.  Not so nice.  I had NEVER heard thunder that loud!  The lightning was amazing.  But I had the fear of a tree by us getting struck since were SURROUNDED BY HUGE TREES.  The rain hitting the tent was even louder than before.  I couldn’t sleep.  I wanted to cry.  I wished we had gone home after the afternoon storm.  I wanted to go home right then, but I knew that wasn’t an option.  How could we possibly pack everything up in the torrential rain?  Plus the check-out office was closed.

I asked Mr. Fix-It was time it was.  I was hoping for 2-3am.  It was only midnight.  I really wanted to cry.  We still had aaaalllll night.  The rain lasted about an hour more & I was never so thankful for rain stopping.

In the morning, the air smelled amazingly piney.  Everything looked clearer.  Cleaner.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining & there was not a single cloud in the sky.  I felt better but still wanted to go home.  I was still sad.  I couldn’t help but think of how my Baby Boy would have reacted to the storm & how I would have comforted him.

We packed up & went to the lake.  The dogs had a grand time.  For the first time ever, Jinx played in the water!  Roxy, being a Lab, went to the water straight away.  I’ve got photos of them on my real camera.  I think I’ll upload them to my mother-in-law’s computer when we visit this week.

After that, we went to the famous ice cream parlour, which I can’t remember the name of at the moment.  Here’s Jinx waiting for our ice cream:

Jinx waiting for ice cream.

I promise you, she isn’t as fat as she looks!  It’s a bad angle for her.  Promise!!

We enjoyed our ice creams (I got strawberry) & headed for home via HIghway 89.  Much more beautiful than Highway 50.

Highway 89, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA

In all the years I’ve been to Lake Tahoe, I had never seen it so blue.  They should change Emerald Bay to Sapphire Bay.  It was stunning.  This drive always takes my breath away.  But this time, the gorgeous blue (with a purplish tinge) really took my breath away.

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

And to contrast the beauty, here is the pile of camping laundry.  And this wasn’t all of it.  It’s usually quite dusty, camping.  But with the rain, we had dust AND mud.

Camping Laundry

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