Homemade Floor Cleaner

I made this recipe.  I used it in the kitchen & the bathroom.  I used it last Friday & the bathroom floor still looks great!  The kitchen, of course, gets more traffic.  Plus it gets food spilled on it daily.  But it looked great for a day or so!

Misfit Mama Reviews: Homemade Floor Cleaner


I keep thinking I added borax which the recipe doesn’t call for, but I clearly remember taking the borax & washing soda out of the laundry room & into the bathroom.  I don’t have many moppable surfaces, so next time I’ll halve the recipe.

This floor cleaner really does work well.  My pix of the floor didn’t turn out (I only have a phone right now).  I should be getting a computer soon & will be able to upload proper pix from a real camera!

I mentioned earlier that the kitchen floor gets nasty quickly.  We’ve got 7 people in our house, 3 of them are under 13.  Plus 2 dogs.  I was impressed with how easily this stuff cleaned the floor.  There were a couple of spots that needed a gentle scrub, other than that, it was the easiest kitchen floor mopping I’ve done.

I *will* be making this again!

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