Camping on Shabbat

This is something we’ve never done, camping on Shabbat.  I mean, we’ve been camping on weekends but not since we started celebrating Shabbat.  I wonder how that’s gonna work out?  I guess they go together.  Shabbat is about rest, camping is about relaxing. What about the campfire?  As long as it’s started before sundown, it’s okay but we have to put it out before bed & not start a new one until sundown on Saturday.  I’ll pack refrigerator oatmeal for Saturday’s breakfast, sandwiches for lunch…hmmm, dinner…what should we have for dinner?  I found a portable Shabbat candle holder with tea lights which I’ll have to order for next time.

Oh!  When our best friends moved across the country, they gave us all sorts of camping things, including a never-used Dutch oven!  I’m so excited to use it!!  I’ve been wanting one for a very long time (so has The Baker).  I’m going to make peach cobbler on Sunday morning 🙂

I guess I should sign off & start packing…

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