Oil Pulling: Day 2

Several weeks ago, I saw lots of posts on FB & Pinterest about oil pulling. I read a little about it & wanted to try it. I got my shipment of coconut oil on Saturday & started oil pulling on Sunday.

I’ll post links in tomorrow’s or the next day’s entry. This picture is a sort of “reflexology chart” for the tongue.

Oil pulling is thought to pull the toxins that have been filtered by our livers & built up over night in our mouths & therefore leave our bodies (our digestive & immune systems, specifically) more energy to deal with other things, resulting in better health. Especially oral/dental health.

One site said not to swallow your saliva when you get up in the morning but to swish the oil around with this toxin filled saliva. That makes no sense to me, so I didn’t do that.

What you do is, first thing in the morning, take some coconut (or sesame) oil (I used 2-3 tablespoons) & swish it around in your mouth for several minutes. One site suggested 20 minutes, another 2 minutes or more. I did 4-5 minutes. Then you spit the oil out & rinse at least once. You’ll want to brush your teeth immediately. Two or three times.

I did this first thing on Sunday morning. I wanted to spit it out after 30 seconds. The oil pulls out that bad morning taste. After a minute, I wanted to barf. It REALLY brings out that bad taste. By 2 minutes, my face was sore. I managed to continue swishing for 2 more minutes. I spit it out, rinsed a few times & brushed my teeth. I’m not sure if the taste in my mouth is worse than the average person because I’m also doing a liver detox.

I forgot to do it Monday.

I did it today but not first thing. I had a cup of coffee before I remembered to oil pull. I’m guessing that’s why the taste in my mouth was EXTRA terrible today!! Brushing my teeth did NOT help. The minty & clovey tastes of my tooth powder (will post recipe tomorrow) were overpowered by the yuck. I want to eat an entire mint plant. But I don’t have one. I think this is a good sign but…ewww…not very pleasant. I’ll continue for a while & let you know how it goes!

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