Grilled Cheese Grows Up

My feelings about this sandwich were extreme.  When I first saw it, I thought “That sounds amazing!”. When I looked at it again a few days later I thought “Sounds kinda gross”.  I like all the ingredients, but would they taste good together?  My feelings about it went back & forth for a few weeks.    I decided to go ahead & try it.

Photo courtesy of

I. Love. This. Sandwich!  Creamy & mild with a little tang from the goat cheese.  I didn’t make the pesto recipe, I used pesto from Trader Joe’s.  I honestly was not sure if I’d like this sandwich, I was expecting to eat one, at most.  I had two & wanted another one!  The Bookworm liked it but the Baker doesn’t like avocado (how is she related to me?!?).  My sister & the complainiacs had already eaten.

I will be making this sandwich often.  I wish I had an avocado tree.

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