Gardening Problem

I noticed that some of my courgette blossoms were cut off.  Cleanly.  A straight break.  It looked like someone had used scissors to cut them off.  I know that didn’t happen, so I wondered what creature could do this.  I’ve only ever seen ants & rolly-polies on my courgette plants.  There are at least 50 blossoms all together but every day or two, I find a blossom has been chopped off 😦

I picked up a small blossom today.  I noticed it had 2 perfect holes in it.  I shook it to get the dirt off & found several rolly-polies inside!  Tiny ones!!  I didn’t find anything online that said they cut off blossoms, just that they “can be a problem”. I shook the bugs out before I took the photo.

What's Chopping Off My Blossoms?

My plants are very healthy.  The one with the most chopped blossoms is beautiful…except for one smaller leaf.  It has lots of holes in it!

Garden Problem. Help!

I’m very new to gardening & have no idea about which bugs do what.  In Mother Earth News, there was an article about pests but I don’t remember these bugs being in there.  I wish my Gramma was still here.  She was the best gardener ever.

Two of my healthy courgette plants:

What's Chopping Off My Blossoms?

I’m off to do some more garden pest research…

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