Snack Containers For Seedlings

We go through A LOT of seaweed snacks around here.  I hated throwing the containers away & as far as I know, they’re not recyclable in my community.  I decided to keep them until I found a use for them (that’s how hoarding starts, isn’t it?). Then it hit me.  Use them to start my plants!

This is the seaweed snack container.  I also used a plastic container that cupcake papers come in.

Snack Containers For Seedlings

This plant was beyond ready to be repotted!

Snack Containers For Seedlings

Gently turn the container upside down & give a gentle squeeze:

Snack Containers For Seedlings

It should come out easily:

Snack Containers For Seedlings

Place into an appropriately sized pot (or in the ground.  My soil is 99% stones, so I put mine in pots) with the appropriate amount of soil for your specific plant:

Snack Containers For Seedlings

These are courgettes/zucchinis & will need bigger pots soon but I don’t have any at the moment.

Snack Containers For Seedlings

Little C re-re-used the containers to start orange bell peppers from seed, plus the containers that hadn’t been used yet.  I look forward to eating them with lots of hummus!!

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