Boredom Jar

This is yet another fab idea I found on Pinterest!  It’s a Summer Boredom Jar, but I plan on using it year round.

First, you find a clean jar.  Then you decorate it!  I just put “I am bored” on mine:

Summer Boredom Jar

At the website, there are printable to-do’s including blank ones.  Some are fun, some are chores.  I printed them out, then glued them on cardstock (or whatever it’s called.  It’s what scrapbookers/cardmakers use) & cut them out using squiggly-edged scissors.

Summer Boredom Jar

I cut a piece of the cardstock out & glued it to the jar lid.  Then I glued a length of ribbon around the band & voila!

Summer Boredom Jar

I put sparkly happy face stickers on all the cards, even the chore ones. Since late May, we’ve only used 3 cards.  My kids learned a long time ago not to tell me that they’re bored.  My nephews, who are afraid of everything, don’t say they’re bored out loud because they’re afraid of getting a chore card, even though the 2 they pulled out were fun ones!  The Baker pulled a fun one out, too 🙂  Well, fun for me but not for her (it was dancing & she’s too cool for that).  We put the used ones in a dish next to the jar so we don’t pull the same card twice.

I hope these kids get brave & say they’re bored soon.  I want to see which cards they pull out!!!

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