Easiest Caramel Recipe EVER

I had never made caramel before.  I was unsure about how it would turn out, having only ONE ingredient!  I put the unopened can of sweetened condensed milk in the crockpot on low & left for the pirate festival.

When I came back, this is what I had:

Easiest Caramel Recipe EVER

Sorry about the poor quality of this photo 😦

I wasn’t sure if it turned out properly because the caramel in the photo from the recipe site was much darker brown.  (Again, apologies for the picture quality, I only have my phone).

Easiest Caramel Recipe EVER!

I set some aside for my family & put the rest in a Mason jar.  We enjoyed ours with Granny Smith apples!  The smooth & creamy sweetness was perfectly set off by the tart & crunchy apples.

Easiest Caramel Recipe EVER!

This is as addictive as Nutella!  I hope the Nutella fiends don’t accuse me of blasphemy, but it’s true!  I didn’t want to stop eating this delicious caramel.  I want some right now but I’m out of sweetened condensed milk & would have to wait 8 hours!  Why am I never prepared? 😉

The only issue I had was that the can left a ring in my crockpot liner.  It looks like the black coating came off.  Does anyone know if it’s still safe to use?

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