Apple Ring Pancakes

When I saw these apple pancakes, I’d knew they’d be a hit with my family!  I didn’t get the ring look with most of mine, the ones I did get, I had to push the batter to the side with the handle end of my spatula. (I just checked the link & the recipe page is gone).  There was a recipe for cinnamon syrup but one of the commenters said it was too sweet.  I didn’t make it.

I used this homemade baking mix, which I reviewed here & added some cinnamon, a little ginger & a little ground cloves.  {I apologise for the low quality pix, I only have my phone camera right now :(}

They were sooo yummy!  I like the crispness of them, too.  The kids thought these were the coolest pancakes ever!  I got The Little Complainiac to try them by calling them “apple donut pancakes”.  He loved them.

I used a corer I found at the Japanese market.  Not sure if it’s technically a corer but that’s what I use it for.

Apple Rings For Apple Ring Pancakes

The batter fills in the holes in the center.

Apple Ring Pancakes

Look like normal pancakes…

Apple Ring Pancakes, Believe It Or Not!

The first few slices were too thick.

Apple Rings For Apple Ring Pancakes

Not very pretty (the batter slides off the apples if you press down too hard with the spatula) but tasty!

Apple Ring Pancakes

I will be making these again.

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