Bug Bite Salve

I bought this bug bite salve kit from Bulk Herb Store last month (it was on sale) & finally got around to making it.  It was super easy, really no effort at all!  I made this yesterday so we haven’t got bitten yet.  We’re going camping soon, so that might change.  But…I did make Four … Continue reading

Oil Pulling: Day 2

Several weeks ago, I saw lots of posts on FB & Pinterest about oil pulling. I read a little about it & wanted to try it. I got my shipment of coconut oil on Saturday & started oil pulling on Sunday. I’ll post links in tomorrow’s or the next day’s entry. This picture is a … Continue reading

Grilled Cheese Grows Up

My feelings about this sandwich were extreme.  When I first saw it, I thought “That sounds amazing!”. When I looked at it again a few days later I thought “Sounds kinda gross”.  I like all the ingredients, but would they taste good together?  My feelings about it went back & forth for a few weeks.    … Continue reading


After reblogging the Agave Fruit salsa recipe, I read this article on the dangers of agave nectar. :(. I don’t believe everything I read, of course, but my sister had mentioned this to me before & I think Dr. Mercola spoke about this. I’ve been meaning to buy some more agave but keep forgetting. I … Continue reading

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My family gets together almost every single Sunday (unless the kids sports prohibits me from being there) for Family Dinner. It’s a tradition that has been going on for as long as I can remember. Nowadays we choose themes for our sunday meals and everyone brings a dish to go with…

Gardening Problem

I noticed that some of my courgette blossoms were cut off.  Cleanly.  A straight break.  It looked like someone had used scissors to cut them off.  I know that didn’t happen, so I wondered what creature could do this.  I’ve only ever seen ants & rolly-polies on my courgette plants.  There are at least 50 … Continue reading

Snack Containers For Seedlings

We go through A LOT of seaweed snacks around here.  I hated throwing the containers away & as far as I know, they’re not recyclable in my community.  I decided to keep them until I found a use for them (that’s how hoarding starts, isn’t it?). Then it hit me.  Use them to start my … Continue reading

Boredom Jar

This is yet another fab idea I found on Pinterest!  It’s a Summer Boredom Jar, but I plan on using it year round. First, you find a clean jar.  Then you decorate it!  I just put “I am bored” on mine: At the website, there are printable to-do’s including blank ones.  Some are fun, some … Continue reading

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While travelling in Mexico during my college years,  I always enjoyed having Mexican hot chocolate at breakfast.  It’s tastier than its American counterpart and has subtle notes of cinnamon.  Then, many years later after moving to NYC, I discovered that the little bodega on our corner had the Abuelita…

Easiest Caramel Recipe EVER

I had never made caramel before.  I was unsure about how it would turn out, having only ONE ingredient!  I put the unopened can of sweetened condensed milk in the crockpot on low & left for the pirate festival. When I came back, this is what I had: I wasn’t sure if it turned out … Continue reading