Updated Reviews

Updated Reviews!

Updated Reviews!

I’ll start with the Orange-Vinegar cleaner. In my original review, I stated that it didn’t smell very orangey, the vinegar was definitely the stronger smell.  I’ve made a couple more batches since then.  The smell is sweeter but not orangey.  Not like the commercial orange cleaners.  I expected this to smell like fresh oranges.  The original poster/pinner said it smells amazing. What smells more amazing than fresh oranges?!  I don’t reallly like the scent of this.  Maybe orange essential oil would work better but I’ve had bad luck using essential oils in spray bottles.  They seem to clog up the nozzle. Also, you need to make sure you rinse this cleaner off after scrubbing/wiping with it  It shows up as orange streaks on your light-coloured surfaces if you don’t!  And who wants residue on their surfaces, no matter the colour?  Rinsing is just another step that I don’t want to take.  I’m not that big a fan of housework 😉  I won’t be making this cleaner anymore.

The homemade laundry detergent is working really well.  I added peppermint essential oil a few days ago.  That makes it smell good in the container but rinses out, which is good because if the scent isn’t rinsing out that means the detergent isn’t rinsing out.  To me, it’s pointless to add a scent if it’s going to wash out anyway!  I don’t know what I was thinking when I added it, I *know* it should wash out, being married to an appliance repairman!  If/when you make this, don’t forget the diluting step like I did.  But if you do, it’s no big deal, just dilute it as you use it.

Apple cider vinegar deodorant…I still love this but if it’s over 90f/32c, the Terressentials deodorant works better.  Or so I thought!  It seems that my body heat causes the deodorant to soften & become wet again.  So even when I’m sitting in my air conditioned house, the deodorant makes my armpits feel wet & gross.  (updated again on 17 July 2012)

Finally, the natural ant killer that I wrote about 2 days ago!  ALL THE ANTS ARE GONE!!  The small ones, the big ones, yeah!!  I just hope no other new ants decide to visit.  But if they do, I’ll only have to suffer them 2 or 3 days 🙂  So I will definitely be making more of this in the future!  Thank you, stacymakescents!

That’s it for today.  I’m trying out a recipe for dinner tonight, expect a review on Monday Tuesday 🙂

Shabbat Shalom!

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