Natural Ant Killer

A couple of months ago, ants invaded my kitchen.  I found this ant killing recipe & tried it immediately!  It’s made with water, sugar & borax.  I think the author called it “ant bait” but I’m calling it “ant killer” because that’s what it does, in the end.  Or does it?

Does this natural ant killer really work?

(Photo from University of Lincoln, Nebraska)

Mine turned out thicker & stickier than the one in the recipe.  It looked like honey.  I put it in a shallow lid (a milk container lid, to be precise) but the ants didn’t find it.  So I put some in a yoghurt container lid & spread small amounts of it on the worktops so the ants would be able to get to it.

SOOOO many more ants came out!!  A few days later, we still had lots of ants (the website states a couple of days, but I know that people don’t use the real meaning of “couple”!  That’s one of my pet peeves :p).  I couldn’t stand the gooey stuff on the counters nor the ants anymore, so I cleaned it up & haven’t had ants in the kitchen since!

My bathroom, however, is a different story.  Lots of tiny ants all over the counter & in the bath.  I put this concoction in the bathroom, in the milk container lid (the recipe makes a lot!) & left the room.  When I went back a little later, there were some ants in the lid.  Again, I spread some around.  When I came back, there were ants ALL OVER this stuff!!  It was gross.  It looked like black fur balls were on my countertops, there were so many ants.  The next day, there were less…the day after that, even less…and then they were GONE!

A few days later, though….UGH!  My nephew noticed a big black ant.  Just one.  I guess I hadn’t cleaned off the gooey stuff well enough.  Later on, loads of big black ants!  I spread the killer out again & now there are big black ants all over it, but they don’t seem to be dying off yet.  I’m getting REALLY tired of ants!!  We’ll see how long it takes this time…

I’m a patient person & can put up with a mess longer than I should, so this recipe works for me…for 5 days or so, then I have to clean it up.  Maybe I did something wrong & it works more quickly for others.  Maybe I have stubborn ants.  I don’t know.  If it works on the big ants in the bathroom, I’m sold 🙂

4 thoughts on “Natural Ant Killer

  1. Maybe try sprinkling cinnamon around the counters and other surfaces after you’ve cleaned the stuff up. It supposedly cancels out the chemical trail that the scout ants leave for the rest of the ants to find the way back to whatever tastiness they find so should help break the cycle?

  2. Hmmmm. We’ve never had ours come back using this method. I use it every year. I’m glad it works for a few days though! 🙂
    You might need to try Diatomaceous Earth instead. It works on all sorts of bugs. I’m going to start using that instead because of the ease of use. Good luck!!

    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

  3. They’re different ants than the 1st ones. I just checked & there are far fewer ants than there were when I posted this entry, so yay! I will post an update tomorrow or the next day 🙂

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