Why ‘Sweetest Jezebel’?

I’ve been using the name Sweetest Jezebel for a very long time.  I get asked by strangers “So, you’re a…umm…do you know what ‘Jezebel’ means?!?!”  People, especially my Christian friends, think there’s a sordid story (or several) behind the name.  I promise you there isn’t!  It really is quite innocent, borne of love not harlotry!

In high school, people called me Jezebel because my very favourite band was (and still is) Gene Loves Jezebel. Sweetest Jezebel is my favourite song of theirs.  When I got online in ’97, I used different names until it finally occurred to me in ’99 or ’00 to use the name of my favourite song!  Also, the band & their fans are called “Jezebels” so it makes sense that I, being a huge fan since the age of 12, would incorporate that into my online identity.


Sweetest Jezebel is the original version of Sweetest Thing.

Actually, I decided to get internet BECAUSE of GLJ.  I met a few fans at gigs in L.A., one of whom (Dena) ran the official GLJ site.  She was still doing the traditional, snail mail newsletter. The info I could get from the site would be more current and accurate than what I’d get in the L.A. Weekly (& the newsletter).

So there you have it.  No sordid stories.  Just good, clean fun.

I’ve been using “Misfit Mama” for almost as long.  I had a YahooGroup called “Misfit Mamas” (that pretty much tells you how long I’ve been using the name!) Sweetest Jezebel will always be my favourite name, though 🙂  Just listen to the song & you’ll know why 🙂 At least I hope you’ll know why :p

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