Peaches & Cream Muffins

I had high expectations for these muffins!  What sounds more delicious than peaches & cream? I cut the sugar in half for most recipes.  But since I didn’t want to mess this one up, I only cut back slightly, maybe a tablespoon.  The description says they’re “not too sweet”, so I was already happy about … Continue reading

Third Night Into The Challenge

Last night was the 1st time I was really hungry.  Probably because I exercised a bit during the day (as much as I could with a sore shoulder & congested head).  Other than that, I haven’t really been hungry.  My husband is a master saboteur at times & stuck a piece of Havarti (my FAVOURITE … Continue reading


I was unwell at the beginning of the Green Smoothie Detox.  I had a sore throat, sinus icky-ness & slight fever a last weekend.  I thought I was getting better.  I felt much better yesterday.  But today…ugh.  My head is congested.  Sore throat is gone.  Can I fit immunity tea into my $2/day budget? I … Continue reading

This Is Difficult

Out of habit, I took my coconut oil, chlorophyll & Omega Swirl.  If I wasn’t over my limit before, I am now!  Plus, I had an orange for lunch. Thinking about dinner.  I know dinner will be tough.  The smells…knowing everyone else is eating something yummy.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk.  Actually, I need … Continue reading

How Much Is A Cup Of Coffee?

Today starts the Live Below The Line challenge!  What line?  The poverty line.  Five days of living on $2 or less per day.  I think I already swallowed my 2 bucks! (The official sites & FB pages state $1.25, $1.50 & $2) The coffee I drink costs $14 a pound.  I use half & half … Continue reading

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I had been wanting to make my own laundry detergent for a very long time.  Years.  I thought it would be too time consuming, too much work, so I put it off.  I started wanting to make it again & then read a lot of complaints about having to “cook” the soap, so I put … Continue reading

I’m Not In Over My Head

My list of things to make from Pinterest grows by leaps & bounds every day!   I *will* get to those things.  Eventually.  I’m a major procrastinator.  Every day this week, I said I was going to make that cleaning paste & clean my baking pans. And then write about it. I made an amazing, huge … Continue reading

Perfect for my houseful of Star Wars geeks! ❤

Homemade Baking Mix

I found this recipe for a Bisquik~like baking mix on Pinterest.  I love how easy Biquik is to use but I know it’s not very nutritious & has preservatives in it. I tried this recipe the other day & made scones/biscuits with it.  They were really good!  Mucho better than Bisquik!!  Today, I made blueberry … Continue reading