Apple Cider Vinegar As Deodorant

I came across this article about using apple cider vinegar as an antiperspirant/deodorant.  I was impressed with the author’s experience & so I tried it myself.

Amazingly effective & cheap antiperspirant/deodorant!

The first day, I was just home doing my usual things.  Mr. Fix-It stopped by in the late afternoon & asked if I’d go with him to a job.  I said okay.  It’s been really warm here, even hot.  So while he worked, I sat in the very warm car.  With windows rolled up.  I kept my cardigan on.  Buttoned up.  I really wanted to put the ACV to the test.  I kept the windows up & air conditioning off for longer than I could stand.

I didn’t sweat & I certainly didn’t stink!  There was no sign of armpit odor.

I went about my daily tasks all week.  Cooking, cleaning, doing the school run (on foot), grocery shopping, exercising, etc.  Not a single drop of sweat, no stinky armpits!  Then there was the real test.

Yesterday (about a week after the 1st day of this experiment), I went for a long walk (just under 5 miles).  It was hot.  I wore jeans, a black top, cardigan & flip-flops.  I kept the cardigan on the whole time, buttoned up most of the way.  It was HOT.  I got sunburnt.

I didn’t start to sweat until the last mile or so.  It was only a little bit.  But I didn’t stink.  Mr. Fix-It didn’t find any offensive odor (and he wasn’t just being nice!).

My sister knew I had been looking for natural deodorants, so she ordered her favorite one for me, it arrived while I was out walking.  I washed & dried my armpits, then applied this deodorant.  It smells nice but takes a long time to dry.  I didn’t notice white marks on my black top but I wasn’t paying attention.  It works well but the apple cider vinegar works BETTER.  The Terressentials one costs $10 for 3 ounces, ACV costs about $5.50 for 32 ounces!

Apple cider vinegar is cheap, it works, it dries quickly & doesn’t leave white marks on my clothes!  So yeah, highly recommended.

P.S. I’m wearing the Terressentials one right now & I can feel a bit of sweat & can smell armpit a little.  ACV, here I come!

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