I’ve had to take a break from typing & mousing this week.  My wrists were aching & tingling.  I have Repetitive Stress Injury from when I worked at CPS & spent the entire Summer typing.  They didn’t have a cross-reference system in place & no computer system (this was a long time ago!).  There were computers but were basically glorified word processors.  I had to type up court documents on an actual TYPEWRITER!  Anyway, it was my job to type up aaaallllllll the child abuse/neglect reports and cross-reference reports.  By parents’ names.  By children’s names.  By perpetrators’ names.  By date.  And whether or not the report lead to a case, or if it was unfounded.  I typed all day long (except for my mandated breaks & to answer the phone), 5 days a week, for 3 months.  So yeah, my wrists are injured but not quite Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  And I am super thankful for that!

So anyway, now that I’ve written all that, my wrists are starting to hurt.  I made a couple of things from Pinterest that I want to write about.  I hope my wrists will feel much better after the weekend.

Shabbat shalom & happy Shavuot & happy Memorial weekend!

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