Thankful For Instincts (and knowledge)

I read an article this morning that proved what I suspected & knew about that green smoothie detox program. And I learned about oxalate & how, in high doses, it contributes to candida/fungal infections. So, blending high oxalate veg with high sugar fruits (recommended by the woman leading the detox) will definitely lead to increased infections. Not only do yeast & fungi thrive in high sugary environments, so do bacteria & viruses!

I think it’s wrong NOT have this knowledge, which is pretty basic considering this woman touts herself as “the green smoothie queen” & CHARGES people to follow her detox programs. The recent 21 day green smoothie detox was $127. My sister was going to pay it but ended up getting us both in for free. I did the prep week & ended up with oral thrush. I had misgivings about the whole thing because of what I know about sugar, candida & fungus, detoxing, etc. I wrote about all that here.

Once again, educate yourself before starting a detox program, especially ones high in sugar.

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