Nothing In Particular

I’m STILL fighting off this cold.  Just when I think I’m better, the earache, congestion & general blah feeling return.  I went to the gym on Monday but regretted it after.  I was gonna go today but I got a weird pain in my leg during the night.  It’s better now but still a bit sore.  Like the feeling after a muscle cramp.  I will attempt to exercise at home today.

I can’t decide what recipe to try next.  I’ve had to divide up my recipe board on Pinterest, so it’s not as easy to pick a recipe to try now. Oh!  Those refrigerator oatmeals would be great to make today for Shabbat breakfast!

Speaking of Shabbat, I need to start on the challah.  I tried to do a 6-strand braid last week.  The 1st one was a joke & deflated after I added the egg wash.  The 2nd one was much better & didn’t deflate, but it didn’t really look like a 6-strand challah!

I tried to practice braiding with the Galaxy Dough (The Baker’s idea) but it kept stretching & breaking.  Good thing I use the best recipe ever so it doesn’t really matter what the bread looks like :p

I really must post pix of my veg garden!  They’re all in pots right now, we have terrible soil (exceedingly stoney) but the previous tenants left raised garden boxes in the side garden (doesn’t get much sun), so I’ll see what we can plant there.  Everything but the lettuces require full sun (6 hours minimum).

Off to get the challah started.

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