Two Reviews In One

First is the Mason jar lid, made straw friendly! I’ve been looking all over for Mason jar mugs. I found small ones at the co-op & some online somewhere.  Then I saw this!  I thought “That’s a quick & easy project for Mr. Fix-It”.  He made them so quickly that I didn’t even know he had gone off to make them.  Mine isn’t spill-proof, I’m assuming because of the bendy straws I usually use but I haven’t thought that through yet, it may or may not make sense!  But it is MORE spill-proof than the Tupperware ones I used to use.  Those leaked quite a bit when tipped over.  I had no part in the making of these, they really were quick & easy to make!  Here’s mine with an acrylic straw:

DIY Mason Jar Straw Lid

Second up is “galaxy dough“, sparkly, homemade Play-doh type stuff.  The Baker made it herself (another one I didn’t have any hand in making!).  The  texture is nice, it stays moist & stands up to cookie cutter usage!  Four days later & it is still moist.  We keep in a ZipLoc bag.  For the first batch, we only had organic flour available.  Since we like this dough so much, we went & bought cheap flour in bulk.  It works just as nice as organic for this purpose.  We love Galaxy Dough!  The Baker put this Galaxy Dough to good use:


I want to use chunkier glitter in the next batch.

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