Miracle Cleaner

Does This Miracle Cleaner Really Work?

I was sooo excited to try this “miracle cleaner” on my old baking pans. SO EXCITED!! I got out my pans, whipped up the mixture, made a line down the middle & started scrubbing!  Every now & then I’d stop to see if there was any difference.  I kept scrubbing & scrubbing.  The Baker took over.  We ended up switching off every few minutes for half an hour.

No noticeable difference in my pans 😦  I only scrubbed one side so that I’d be able to take an awesome before & after pic.  The scrubbed side was a teeny bit shinier than the other but still stained brown 😦 The website states you can just rub with your fingers.  I used the scrubby side of a sponge & didn’t get results.

I told my sister about it & she said she used this mixture before. And it took DAYS to get her pans clean.  Days of not just scrubbing, but of leaving the pans out in the sun then scrubbing some more.  I’m not up for that kind of nonsense!  When I have extra money, I’ll buy new pans.

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