Peaches & Cream Muffins

I had high expectations for these muffins!  What sounds more delicious than peaches & cream?

I cut the sugar in half for most recipes.  But since I didn’t want to mess this one up, I only cut back slightly, maybe a tablespoon.  The description says they’re “not too sweet”, so I was already happy about that.

They’re easy to make.  They don’t rise very much & they are definitely not too sweet!  Actually, they’re only slightly sweet.  I don’t think it would have made much difference if I had left in that tablespoon of sugar.  I used frozen peaches which tend to be a bit sour.  I’m sure fresh peaches would have made these muffins AWESOME.  They were good & I’ll make them again, but like I said…I had high expectations for peaches & cream!  Maybe I’m just not a great muffin maker.  The blueberry ones I made didn’t turn out as I expected, either.

I will be making these again with FRESH peaches, then I’ll write about it here!  Right now, I’m testing a supposed “miracle cleaner” for baking dishes.

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