Third Night Into The Challenge

Last night was the 1st time I was really hungry.  Probably because I exercised a bit during the day (as much as I could with a sore shoulder & congested head).  Other than that, I haven’t really been hungry.  My husband is a master saboteur at times & stuck a piece of Havarti (my FAVOURITE cheese) in my face on Monday.  I managed to decline.  But then he bought me dinner (a hot dog from CostCo) after I told him I wasn’t hungry & probably wouldn’t be for the rest of the night.  And beside that, I had already eaten my $2.00. I was annoyed.

This morning I’m a little hungry.  I’ll probably wait until lunchtime to eat something.  I might skip exercising.

I want to do this challenge again, on my own, when I’m not ill.  I’ve been lucky because I haven’t been very hungry, which isn’t fair. Maybe in July or August.  I pray all my health issues will be gone by then & I won’t have to worry about fitting my herbs & things into my budget & worrying how that will affect my body.

I still only have one donation.  My OWS supporting friends don’t seem to care about “the real 99%” 😦  They like to claim that THEY are the 99% but none of them have found out where they stand in the Global Rich List.  If they did bother to check, they didn’t tell anyone about it.  I am in the top 0.99% & am by no means rich (according to Western standards), making WAY LESS than $100,000 per year.  Way less. 

If you have access to a computer (or smart phone) & internet to even check the Global Rich List, you’re obviously NOT among the world’s poorest people.

Next, I’ll be writing about those peaches & cream muffins I made last week 🙂

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