I was unwell at the beginning of the Green Smoothie Detox.  I had a sore throat, sinus icky-ness & slight fever a last weekend.  I thought I was getting better.  I felt much better yesterday.  But today…ugh.  My head is congested.  Sore throat is gone.  Can I fit immunity tea into my $2/day budget? I took Olive Leaf extract & vitamin C already.  I wonder how much that has taken out of my allotment! 

I was already “aware” of extreme poverty.  But having to think about whether I should take herbs or eat really makes me realise just how desperate living like this can be.  Like I said previously, all my other needs are met, I just have to think about food!  I can’t imagine having to make $2 last all day, for everything. $2 a day for my entire family. 

I thank God for all that I have.  I appreciate the things I have but will be doing a clear-out today.  I don’t NEED all this stuff.  Starting the 2nd day of this challenge, I don’t even want it.  It seems so unfair that I have SO MUCH and others have nothing.  Who am I?  Why am I so special?  I’m not.  I was just born in a rich country.

I grew up poor.  My Mom struggled to meet our needs.  But our needs were met.  Sometimes we’d go a whole year with 1 pair of shoes, which is shocking these days.  But we had shoes.  We always got new clothes for school every Autumn.  Most of the time, we also got new backpacks.  I thought I knew what poverty was!  But I didn’t.  We still had loads more than others had.  We were never homeless.  We always had a place to stay and it was almost always our own home.  Mom always had a car.  We had birthday parties.  Every year, we had Christmas presents, Easter baskets filled with candy, etc. 

I didn’t really know what poverty was. 

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