I’m Not In Over My Head

My list of things to make from Pinterest grows by leaps & bounds every day!   I *will* get to those things.  Eventually.  I’m a major procrastinator.  Every day this week, I said I was going to make that cleaning paste & clean my baking pans. And then write about it.

I made an amazing, huge challah last week but was too embarrassed to post a pic of it because the pan is such a wreck!  Yes, I could have posted a pic of it off the pan.  But the amazing thing was how huge it was after the 2nd rise!  It was still huge after being baked, of course.  It looked super but just wasn’t the same as it was unbaked.  😦  I wish I had a computer so I could take real photos with a real camera & edit them properly when needed! 

When I get paid for looking after The Complainiacs, I’ll be able to repair or replace my computer.  I’ll get 2 months back-pay, woohoo!  I’m using a relative’s old, slow PC.  I have an iPad but it’s no iMac!

Anyway…last week I was supposed to make those peaches & cream muffins, but I was too tired.  I will make them tomorrow for sure.  Or maybe even tonight.  OH!!  I did make that laundry detergent. I’ll write about that tomorrow, it’s almost time to do the afternoon school run.


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