Homemade Baking Mix

I found this recipe for a Bisquik~like baking mix on Pinterest.  I love how easy Biquik is to use but I know it’s not very nutritious & has preservatives in it.

I tried this recipe the other day & made scones/biscuits with it.  They were really good!  Mucho better than Bisquik!!  Today, I made blueberry pancakes with it & they turned out yummy!  It makes about 6 cups. I used bit less than 2 cups to make the scones (9 smallish ones), the rest I put in a quart-sized Mason jar & stored in the freezer.  There was a little left, so I put in a Ziplok bag & put it in the fridge.  I’ll probably make a batch of this every week or so.  There’s also a whole wheat version, I’ll be trying that out, too.

PS ~ I used organic, enriched white flour, pink kosher sea salt, & organic raw sugar.  I used free-range eggs & organic raw milk for the scones & pancakes.

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