Apple Cider Vinegar As Deodorant

I came across this article about using apple cider vinegar as an antiperspirant/deodorant.  I was impressed with the author’s experience & so I tried it myself. The first day, I was just home doing my usual things.  Mr. Fix-It stopped by in the late afternoon & asked if I’d go with him to a job.  … Continue reading


I’ve had to take a break from typing & mousing this week.  My wrists were aching & tingling.  I have Repetitive Stress Injury from when I worked at CPS & spent the entire Summer typing.  They didn’t have a cross-reference system in place & no computer system (this was a long time ago!).  There were … Continue reading

Originally posted on Have Baggage, Will Travel:
You can’t visit Iceland without checking out the Blue Lagoon. Oh, I’ve heard all the arguments against it: It’s a tourist trap. It’s a manmade attraction. It’s expensive. All these claims are at least somewhat true—but that doesn’t detract from the fact that the Blue Lagoon is still…

Thankful For Instincts (and knowledge)

I read an article this morning that proved what I suspected & knew about that green smoothie detox program. And I learned about oxalate & how, in high doses, it contributes to candida/fungal infections. So, blending high oxalate veg with high sugar fruits (recommended by the woman leading the detox) will definitely lead to increased … Continue reading

Nothing In Particular

I’m STILL fighting off this cold.  Just when I think I’m better, the earache, congestion & general blah feeling return.  I went to the gym on Monday but regretted it after.  I was gonna go today but I got a weird pain in my leg during the night.  It’s better now but still a bit … Continue reading

Kid Wash

Mr. Fix-It made this water toy that I found on Pinterest.  I watched him make it, it looked really easy!  I’m sure I could have made it myself.  It was up & ready to go in no time & cost about $10 to make. The kids love it!  They couldn’t wait to play after school … Continue reading

Two Reviews In One

First is the Mason jar lid, made straw friendly! I’ve been looking all over for Mason jar mugs. I found small ones at the co-op & some online somewhere.  Then I saw this!  I thought “That’s a quick & easy project for Mr. Fix-It”.  He made them so quickly that I didn’t even know he … Continue reading