21 Day Green Smoothie Detox

My sister & I are doing this green smoothie detox.  It starts next week, I think, with this week being prep week.  Wow, I used “week” 3 times in one sentence. Will I be able to give up coffee?  I’ve given it up several times before.  Actually, I give it up every year for a … Continue reading


This is our 1st Passover.  It’s a bit overwhelming, especially all the cleaning!  I’ve never been the greatest housekeeper but my house is always presentable. Good thing my nephews are on Spring Break this week, they will definitely help me.  I hope.  It’s possible they could make things worse, being 7 & 8 years old … Continue reading

Muffins Instead

I haven’t made those sweet potato burgers yet.  I made these blueberry muffins, though.  I was out of vanilla (gasp!), so I used lemon juice instead.  They got 4.5 stars out of 5, but I don’t think they were that good.  I’m eating one right now & wondering if it’s the lemon juice.  But I … Continue reading