Green Smoothie…Detox?

I’m not sure where the smoothie guru is getting her detox information. Someone asked her if she could add fresh lemon juice to her water during the 1 day water fast. Smoothie guru said absolutely not! Why? Because it would strain the body too much to digest the juice. Umm…it’s lemon juice. Not meat. That comment made me scratch my head because I know a bit about how wonderful lemons are!

For one, fresh lemon juice is amazing for digestion! The guru suggested a fast to reboot our digestive systems. Two, it’s fab at detoxing! Three, it rids the body of excess acids, a major problem in 1st world countries & could only help with a detox plan. Mr. Fix-It has high levels of uric acid in his blood but refuses to drink warm lemon every day. I did it for 6 weeks & my uric acid problem went away completely!

Another problem I have with this program is the use of high sugar fruits. Sugar hinders detoxing & the vast majority of Westerners need to detox from sugar! The guru admits to the use of these fruits but doesn’t say why we need them for this program. She does say that if you have diabetes or candida (both have fungi/yeast as either a cause or catalyst) to use lower sugar fruits. But, my issue with this is that many people don’t even know if they have candida & probably do! As many men have it as women. Most think candida = vaginal yeast infection. That’s one manifestation. Mr. Fix-It also had a systemic candida infection (I did, too). Actually, that is what I have now (the fungal infection I wrote about the other day) is candida but it manifested as oral thrush (gross, I know!). How many of the women (they’re all women) know that thrush = candida? I didn’t until last Summer. I only found out because I was sooo sick. After losing our Baby, I was in the emergency room every week for 5 weeks. Sometimes twice in a week. I was admitted 4 or 5 times. Then I went to the chiropractor/herbalist/acupuncturist & I haven’t been to the hospital since. The antibiotics I was given (I had severe, life-threatening infections) had wiped out all of my good intestinal bacteria & the yeast took over & was coming out of my skin! I know, gross!

Ummm, what was I writing about? Oh yes, I high sugar fruits & candida. In Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Joe goes on a green juice fast (detox). I don’t remember him using oranges in his juice but I do know he used green apples. Green apples are anti-fungal & have less sugar than other apples. He used cucumbers (technically a fruit) & the rest of the ingredients were veggies & greens. So, if the purpose of this smoothie thing is to detox, why use so much fruit, especially high sugar ones?

I’ve been having one green smoothie a day, most days. But with my infection, I can’t have all that fruit, so I’m not following this plan. Other women are & most of them are reporting that they feel great! I wonder if they’ll have to detox from all the sugar when they go off the plan?

I’m not saying people shouldn’t detox. What I’m saying is this: Do your research before you start a detox plan. Find out if the person running the program is making money off of it (this one charged $127 to join the plan, but they gave it to my sister for free plus a “bring a friend” bonus, so that’s how I got on the plan. No way would I pay that much for motivational emails, online support, menus & web conferences). If you watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, you’ll find out that you don’t need to join a program. Just buy a juicer, rally support for yourself & voila!

I just made a homemade baking mix (think Bisquik) that I found on Pinterest & made scones/biscuits with it, I’ll let you all know how they turned out, the timer is beeping 🙂

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