30 Day Shred: Days 1 & 2

Well, since April 20th, I’ve done the Jillian Michaels’ workout twice. Only twice.

Day 1 was last Friday. I felt ill in the middle of the workout. I thought I was going to vomit. I thought that was insane. The contestants on The Biggest Loser sometimes puke during workouts. But those people are obese, some morbidly. I’m only 25 pounds overweight! My stomach had been sour so I thought all the jumping made that worse.

There’s a fair bit of jumping involved. Jumping jacks, butt kicks & the like. So if you have hurty knees or feet, you should do as many of the jumping exercises as you can on a mini trampoline.

The strength exercises call for hand weights but I don’t know where mine are at the moment, but my arms were really sore the next day without having used the weights!!

I was super sore the next 2 days & mildly sore 2 days after those.

Day 2 was Wednesday. I didn’t feel sick during the workout. I was only slightly sore by the end of the day. My shoulders were a little more sore yesterday but nothing to complain about.

The reason I felt sick on Friday ended up being because I was coming down with a fungal infection. Why does “fungal infection” sound so much worse than “bacterial infection”? Actually, most bacterial infections are fungal infections, which is why antibiotics don’t work a lot of the time. But anyway…I’m eating yoghurt & taking grapefruit seed extract & coconut oil to combat it, as well as restricting all sugar. Soooo sad because we have a watermelon đŸ˜¦

I’m going to do the workout again tomorrow night. Or this afternoon, if I have time.

I never did make that blueberry ice cream. Today I’m going to make peaches & cream muffins. Maybe I’ll make the ice cream tomorrow.

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